Deployment does not provide any case definition

Please correct me if i am writing this question at wrong forum.
My issue is : I tired to make use of this repo : camunda-bpm-examples/usertask/task-assignment-email at master · camunda/camunda-bpm-examples · GitHub - this repo is simpy having task listerner which sends mail whenever called by user task.
And generated the jar,

And on putting that jar to my tomcat server library, and starting the server
i am thrown with this error :
TaskAssignmentEmail[version: 1, id: TaskAssignmentEmail:1:a84c1d03-b28f-11eb-891d-1c39472000a7]
Deployment does not provide any case definitions…

I don’t think i need any case definition at all.
Can anyone help me here.

Thank you

Hi @teja_polisetty,

you can simply ignore the message about the case definitions. It’s not an error, just a logging output on INFO level.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier
This is stopping the camunda tomcat distribution version 7.15 from getting started.
Hence I am not able to ignore it.

Hi @teja_polisetty,

then the root cause is something else.

Could you please attach the complete stacktrace?

Cheers, Ingo

thanks @Ingo_Richtsmeier - You are correct, it took some more time but started at the end.
Now when I am starting an instance of TaskAssignmentEmail I see the below error

But as per my naive understanding, It did recognize the jar and that’s how it deployed the BPMN file, then why it is not able to detect the Listener class.

Hi @teja_polisetty,

sorry, I can’t highlight the code from the picture. But the JVM complains that the apache mail class is not available.

Just check your setup for a jar that contains this class.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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