Deployed Process Not Showing up in Cockpit


Hi Team,

I created a bpmn and used the tutorial listed in the camunda docs page to create a trial version of a process setup. The catalina logs for the process says that the app is successfully deployed . But it does not show up in the cockpit.

Some help would be much appreciated.



Hi @Sayan,

does your .war-file contain any .bpmn-files?


I am not sure what you mean by that.
I copied the bpmn diagram to the META_INF folder in the src/main/resources file.
Also I have deplyed the maven installation and created .war file.



are you following this tutorial?

So the file “processes.xml” is the file that belongs in the folder “src/main/resources/META_INF”. The next thing you need to have, is a .bpmn-file with your process (e.g.: myProcess.bpmn). This file can be placed in the folder “src/main/resources”.
Then you need to create a .war-file of this project and place it inside the webapps-folder of your Tomcat.
And when you open up cockpit, then you should be able to see the process, you defined in the file myProcess.bpmn.




Yes I am following this tutorial itself.
I have done all the steps you have mentioned. But I am not able to get the process in the cockpit.

I can show the directory structure of the Maven project.




And yes, the processes.xml exists within the META_INF folder.



Your project-folder is marked wih a red cross. This should not be the case and means there is something wrong with your project.

Can you share your pom-file and your bpmn-file?


Uploading the bpmn file would also help to see if there’s an issue there.



Ok your process allready looks quite big and complex.
You should definetly start out with the basic example process from the tutorial and see if you can get this one running. Afterwards you can extend this process until it matches your use case.

With a quick look over your .bpmn-file:
You marked the task “Approve Process” as Multi Instance but did not set any loop variables. That definetly is an issue which leads to the point, that Camunda does not deploy your process. Furthermore you should use start- and end events in your subprocess. And all the tasks in your process should be combined with sequence flows, otherwise they do not make any sense. And for simple processes to get your hands on the engine you should try to start your process with a blank start event and not with a signal start event.

My advice is to model the process from the getting started tutorial and see, if you can display that one in the cockpit.




Thats a fair point, I will try that out.