Deployed process not getting updated in Cockpit


** UPDATE **
There was no problem, I was too impatient, the timer was updating.
Please delete/ignore this topic (I dont have the authority to remove it).

Using the order example for an Node external worker

I’ve deployed the process to a running dockerised engine.
I can see the process in cockpit and if I make any changes, the definition version gets updated correctly.

In postman if I start the process with:
I get a 200 OK and I see the correct logs in my node app

✓ polled 1 tasks
=============> executing invoiceCreator worker topic:  2019-09-07T09:35:19.806Z
✓ completed task cbd1d354-d152-11e9-a53c-0242ac110002

The problem is I do not see any active instantiations in Cockpit.
No instances, no tasks, nothing.
I even changed the default start task to not be on a timer, no joy.
Any idea what it could be ?