Deleting the current active process instances from DB table

Hi guys,
We intent to take system backups often, when the workflows are getting executed. So the backup will have entries about ongoing workflow execution. Eventually after backup, these workflows will run to completion and make the impacts. Now when I restore the backup, since Camunda DB has information that is taken at the time of workflow execution, it continues the workflow execution[re-execution] - this workflow has already completed, just that this is not known to Camunda because the entries in DB says so.

Well, I’m looking for some assistance here, to delete few Camunda DB tables post restoration, so that no active process instances will be there in DB. so that Camunda will never tries to re-run the workflows that was running during the backup time. I doesn’t want to clear the entire Camunda DB post restoration, as I would like to retain some history of the previous ran workflows. Any suggestion/ideas are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.