DatePicker 7.11.3

Hi Dear Camunders,

Recently I have moved from 7.10.0 to 7.11.3 and found out that date picker in generated task form is not working in the latest camunda version.
I have tried to search for any additional set up which is now required but couldn’t find anything. If u have found similar problem how did you solve it (embedded forms?)


Thank you for any help


Hi @Michal_S

Did you try to clear the history of the browser?
As I know starting from version 7.11, camunda replaced old angularjs with the newer version 1.7.8 including newer version of angular directives for bootstrap (from version 0.11.2 to 2.5.0)

If you inspect the html of the datepicker you would notice that datepicker-popup attribute is rendered where uib-datepicker-popup should be rendered instead.
Which means HtmlFormEngine class should be updated.

This line of code
protected static final String DATEPICKER_POPUP_ATTRIBUTE = "datepicker-popup";
should be updated as below
protected static final String DATEPICKER_POPUP_ATTRIBUTE = "uib-datepicker-popup";

If you have a look at below docs, you will see that uib-datepicker-popup should be used with version 7.11 and above

I have created below JIRA
@Michal_S you can vote for it.

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@hassang thank you for the confirmation

@hassang Vote added.

Dear @hassang, is there any solution to fix manually that issue?
I mean, I did try to find the file you mentioned, but was not able to find it.

Hi @leetong.

It is already fixed by camunda team for versions ([7.12.0], [7.11.5], [7.12.0-alpha5])

See details of issue on below link

Hi @hassang.
that’s good to know. However, does it mean i have to migrate to the new version? That’s lot of stuff to do :frowning: