Custom styling to embedded/generated form?


How can we add custom styling to embedded forms or generated forms for user tasks?


Hi @satish8784
I think the best way to do this would be to modify the user-styles.css:



Thanks @felix-mueller, if we do modify the user-syles.css wouldn’t the change be applicable to all processes deployed in the camunda engine, if yes is there any way to do this at the process/project level?

The link you shared has ways to style the tasklist app I presume, what I was referring to is to custom style the embedded forms shown as part of tasklist.


Hi @satish8784
I would recommend to use specific selectors per process-definition.
So in the embedded forms you could have a css class that is the same for all forms of one process application.
I would not put too much CSS into the embedded forms as I assume that a lot of CSS can be reused across different forms - even across different process definitions.


Thanks again felix, is there any working example you can help me with, which has custom embedded forms or use of angular linked to user tasks?