Custom serialization of process variables


Can you please help me if it is possible to have custom serialization of process-variables? E.g. I’d like to have some process-variable fields automatically injected from an external (order)table - like:

  1. we have an external master-order-table that come from higher level - orders (JSON) are identified with order-id
  2. I’d like to use the master-order-table injected in camunda (e.g. camunda receives the master-order-id) - but I’d like to modify and re-re-serialize them back to the master-order-table automatically after a node executed that dealt with such data

Can such achieved? What I’ll lose with this?


Maybe this can be achieved, you’ll have to try it out yourself. As a starting point, you can have a look at this project: I implemented a variable type that stores IDs to other process instances, but where the API resolves this to the respective ProcessInstance object, which sounds similar to what you want to achieve.