Custom Connector - Unable to read input variable value from BPMN


I am creating a custom connector. Which is working fine with static data. Now I want to get the those data from camunda modeler as input parameter. I have declared the same on ConnectorRequest class as below:-

String PARAM_MESSAGE = “kafkamessage”; // This is input variable taking as parameter

public String getKafkamessage() {
return getRequestParameter(PARAM_MESSAGE);

public ProducerConnectorRequest kafkamessage(String kafkamessage) {
setRequestParameter(PARAM_MESSAGE, kafkamessage);
return this;

But while calling getKafkamessage() it’s producing null value. How to resolve this. Please suggest.


This is resolved.


Can you share how you resolved the problem?


To get the input parameter variable value, I have created a file Under which defined a method ConnectorResponse execute(ConnectorRequest req) . Within the method body req.get{VariableName} getting the value of the defined variable. (The {VariableName} refers to, the variable defined under file).