Creating multiple tasks in camunda for parent task


Hello Guys,

I am new to camunda. I am designing a workflow and my requirement is mentioned below.

  1. let’s say one task is initiated in camunda, its moved to one user task and from this user task user can send the mail to some user and seek for some information, here we have followed up concept as well, an auto follow up mail should be sent to the user every 2 days until any user reply back.

  2. Till here this is fine for me, but here on same user task we have another requirement also user can send initiate multiple requests for the same task and until unless we got the reply back for all requests we cant proceed the main task.

I am confused with the 2nd requirement, I am not sure how I can implement this requirement in camunda workflow.

Please refer the process workflow.

Your help will be highly appreciated. Looking for a prompt advice.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @navrajyadav,

You can use call activity for this. I am not sure that it’s the best solution but I think it will work.

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But my concern how I can start multiple instances on demand of call activity for a single task.



Maybe the multiple instance could help:

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