Creating an optional timer


I wanted to create an optional timer but it looks like it’s not possible.
My issue is that I want my user to have the possibility to set a timer date to get out of a User Task automatically, if the user didn’t set a date, it will stay in the User Tasks until the user complete the task.
My workaround is to set a date so far in the future it will never be activated.

Is there an easy way to set an optional timer ?

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Hi @nbolo,

You can model as in below


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Thank you for your answer @hassang
My Task has multiple conditional flows coming out of it, duplicating this task is something I want to avoid doing. There is also a possibility for the user to set the date afterward (during the time she/he is in the task). Is there a kind of Conditional Timer (date condition + boolean condition) ?

I have this example… it’s not pretty… but it would work :man_shrugging:

I also want to add - that i think adding a date a few years into the future is probably the cleanest option…


Hi @Niall,

This workaround requires the surrounded sub-process for each user task with this requirement, correct?

And the timer related logic should reside between the timer and the terminate end event, correct?

I guess I’Il stick with setting the date years into the future.

Thanks for your answer !