Create Front end Application Using Camunda and JSF

Hello everyone,
I am very new to camunda.I am using wildfly distribution.I want to create a BPMN which contains both Service task and User task. So when the BPMN reaches the User task the JSF webpage should be displayed directly without manually going to the task list and open the external form. Also if first user task is submitted then if there is any service task after it,the service task should be executed and then if the BPMN encounters the Second User task it should display the Second webpage without manually opening from the task

  1. Is my scenario possible.
  2. If possibe how to do.Is there any examples.
    I am stuck here for a long time so kindly help me with this.

Jayapragadeesh J

Hii everyone,
Is my question wrong?
For using with front end can we use User task or is there some other approach?