Create a plugin (tools) like cockpit or tasklist (camunda plateform)


Dear Camunda team ,
i m a beginner in camunda , i know some information about how to create model using camunda modeler , how to send api rest to create an instance , and also know how to use cockpit and tasklist
i want to create a plugin and integrate it camunda plateform ( localhsot:8080/camunda/app/myplugin)
can someone help by giving me adivces or some links or videos to help me , and what is the programming langage with which i can developp ?
and thank you , i really want your help


This question is actually quite hard to answer without knowing exactly what you want to achieve with this application and why you need to build it.

But basically you can use Camunda’s rest API to communicate to the engine in order to have it do whatever you want. You can wrap the rest calls you need in the programing language or your choice.


thank you for your reply Niall ,
i want to developp a plugin for my end of studying projet , as i know the tool cockpit can monitor workflows and decisions in production to discover, analyze and solve technical problems and tasklist allows end users to work on the tasks assigned to them … so i want to developp a Tools like them to integrate to camunda environment. using camunda engine (api rest ) i want to use the same programming language as the camunda Tools , in which my Tool can communicate with all products (cockpit ,tasklist…) , any suggetion to know and easy developp this tool ? ,what are the programming langage needed to developp my tool ?


Well cockpit and tasklist use Angular JS to make the required rest calls.
That might be a good start.


thank you niall for your reply ,
what is better spring boot or spring mvc to begin the devloppement ? i mean what is the programming language i need in back end devloppement ? i thank you


Hi @mark,

did you had a look at this cockpit plugin documentation: ?

Cheers, Ingo


hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier
Thank you so much for your reply i m so interested :smiley:
can you help me by giving me a video because the documentation is not clear enough for me and thank you so much for helping me :smiley:


Hi @mark,

sorry, no video available. But there is an archetype to start cockpit plugin development: (not shown in the screenshots, as they are to old):

Hope this helps, Ingo