Couldn't complete task Exception while resolving duedate 'P30S': P30S


I am using the camunda-external-task-client-js lib to create create a simple node js app that will complete a external send message task

This external send message task works, but after the task complete method call, it gives the below error even though I have not set any duedate for my task

couldn’t complete task d813a33c-a620-11e8-af48-f49634ab846c, ENGINE-09027 Exception while resolving duedate ‘P30S’: P30S


Is this supposed to be 30 seconds? Its PT30S.
One of your timers is likely not configured correctly.


also make sure to use timers that are larger than 1 minute. Camunda has issues with very short times.


Thanks Stephen. it worked when i changed it to Minutes.