Could I use Camunda to handle Case Management?


Sorry if my questions are too general or duplicate but I couldn’t find a suitable answer after searching for a while.

I’m using Camunda as the engine of my Workflow service. Now I want to start Case management. Since Camunda has stoped the CMMN project,
Could I use Camunda for Case management too, or do I have to find another solution for it?
Is it better to use CMMN or BPMN or a mix of them for Case management?
Is it possible to implement complex case scenarios in BPMN in an effective way?
Is it possible that in the next versions, Camunda stops supporting CMMN?


Hi, @dooghi,

You can still use the existing features, they will not be removed from the product.

From my exprience, most situations can be covered with advanced BPMN patterns: Camunda Best Practices - Building Flexibility into BPMN Models

It depends on the case scenarios. In a few scenarios, CMMN is better suited than BPMN. But I can’t remember the examples anymore.

As the CMMN code is still part of some enterprise contracts, we can not drop is easily. We didn’t implement new features for CMMN.

Hope this helps, Ingo