Connect Cockpit to Engine via REST


Could someone clarify if it’s possible to connect Cockpit to a running Process Engine instance purely by attaching it to the REST endpoint?

The diagram below from the Camunda Docs inroduction ( seems to imply this is possible, but the only documentation and forum posts I could find seem to indicate that it requires a DB connection to the engine.


We are currently in PoC phase and it would be useful to be able to connect Cockpit to our in-memory H2 database via the Camunda REST API that is exposed by our Spring Boot apps.

If it is possible, would someone mind pointing me at info telling me how to do it please?

I’m aware that we have other options - we can deploy the standalone Cockpit and TaskList WAR, or use the EE starter inside our Spring Boot app, but it would be simpler if we can just configure an external Cockpit instance just by changing the REST API endpoint it talks to.



Cockpit must connect to a process engine in order to display the data stored in the database.
The REST API that cockpit uses needs to connect to an engine located locally on the application server.


Thanks Niall, but your response is still unclear to me so I need a little clarification.

Are you confirming my suspicion that Cockpit cannot be located on a different physical server to the engine connected only via REST, but does need direct access to the database?


I think my answer was a little too vague, partly because i didn’t address the core concept of your question:

The answer is that Cockpit is never actually connected to any database (hence my phrasing above) It’s more accurate to say that Engine is connected to a database (the database itself does not need to be on the same server) but Cockpit is only connected to the engine.
Everything you can see and do through Cockpit passes through the engine first. Cockpit never directly connects to any datasource in order to function.