Configure bpm-platform.xml in Azure App Service

I am using Azure app service container to deploy Camunda. I need to update my bpm-platform.xml file to set jobExecutorDeploymentAware value to false.

Azure does not support mounting of a single file. It allows only a directory to be mounted. As a result I need to mount the conf directory and mount all the files inside conf. I would like to avoid this because I need to update my database credentials in server.xml.

Is there an alternative way to set “jobExecutorDeploymentAware” to false, like setting docker property?
Or can I mount bpm-platform.xml file to a different folder?

You’d probably be better off long-term moving your database credentials to some sort of secret store (you have several database environment variables at your disposal). Mounting the config directory as a volume seems like something worth having…

But to answer your last question, according to the docs, you should be able to configure a custom location with the BPM_PLATFORM_XML variable. This should get picked up prior to the config being found in ${CATALINA_HOME} + /conf/ (#5 on the list).