Conditional Start Event


does engine support the conditional start event. can anybody please share a working implementation example of the same.Thanks

It is indeed supported - you can find documentation on how it works on it here:

Thanks Niall. It would be really great if you can share me some working example code please.

It doesn’t require any code - you just need to model it.
conditionalStart.bpmn (2.6 KB)

Then use the REST API to trigger the start event

Thanks a lot

Is it possible to start a process when two conditions are met? I tried it with two conditional start event, but it resulted as two running instances for a process definition.


It is possible to trigger a Process instance when the two conditional events are met. It all depends upon how you have modeled the conditional events


I modeled process like this. As i said earlier, it creates two process instances.
simple-conditional-start-event-process.bpmn (5.6 KB)


hi,u can run it from post man.

event_conditionalStart.bpmn (4.7 KB)

You can make a rest api call and both the conditions should be different to initiate this
#{conditionTwo} or #{conditionOne}

and check the cockpit for the tokens

hi Forough
when i start the BPMN it is got to the user task , i do not understand why as the start variable is not > 20 when we start the BPMN

Hi @omr_gaming
Welcome to the fourm.

Can you upload your model, explain what you’re trying to achieve and also explain what you’re doing to try to make it happen and i can try to help you work out whats going on.