Comunda Modeler


Hi Team…can I integrate modeler in my web application directly?


Any context would be helpful. What are you referring to as the modeler? The Camunda Modeler or bpmn-js?


Hi Philip, am referring to Camunda Modeler


The Camunda Modeler is a Electron-based desktop application. You could technically take the client of it and embed it into a web application. That would be a huge undertaking, though. You’d probably be better off building the parts you need yourself.

Integrating Camunda modeler into custom UI

Thank you Philipp, what if i am referring to bpmn-js instead of Camunda Modeler?


What if I told you that it would be possible in that case? This is how the demo is built. There’s also an example of an embedded bpmn-js modeler that you can check out.


perfect…can i integrate with Spring Boot ?


You can integrate with whatever backend technology you’re using since bpmn-js is a JavaScript library used in the frontend.