Community Update - November

Hi Community Folk,

This is a monthly update with the intention of summarizing the useful things that might have been missed by the more casual forum attendees. :wink:

New Community Contributions

I travel around to a lot of events meeting Camunda users and people looking to start using Camunda. Generally people are migrating from an existing BPM platform and in the case of post propitiatory technologies they’re not too interested in let users migrate easily. One of the tricks they use is to let you export your BPMN models without including the BPMN DI information - this means that other modeling tools would not be able to display the model properly.
Luckily, my colleague @Beagler has decided to try and solve this problem with a DI generator. You can check it out here: BPMN <bpmndi> generator utility

Community Events

This month we’ve been bouncing around the world a bit with out Camunda Days. These are events where Camunda users from a given city can come out to meet and hear from other users about how they use Camunda in their own use cases and explain what they’ve learned from the experience.
We where in San Francisco, Toronto and Stockholm (which is happening right now actually) videos from the talks given at these events will be made available soon.

Upcoming events:

In the next month at lot Camunda meetups will be taking place. These are events setup by local Camunda communities to get together a few times a year and discuss Camunda related things!

November 26 Berlin (today!)
November 27 Stuttgart
December 3 Munich
December 12 Sundsvall, Sweden (the northern most meetup in Europe :slight_smile: )

If none of these meetups are happening where you happen to live, and you’re interested in finding out how to make one happen close to home. Feel free to email us:

Contributing to the Community

When Camunda users come to the forum looking for help I’m especially delighted when i get to see that help coming from members of our community. I think it makes the forum and the community as a whole a more welcoming place. So I’d like to point out some people who i thought helped by providing particularly helpful answers.

Proving that sometimes words are just not enough to properly convey the answer @Minisha_M posted a video to help @Arthur_SBS understand better how PostgreSQL can be configured by Camunda running on tomcat: Postgresql integration in camunda tomcat

Once again @aravindhrs was able to help by taking time to clearly lay out some of the basic concepts of the engine to a brand new user. Camunda BPM and Existing External Application

Everyone needs a little help with their homework :slight_smile: and in this case it was one of our award winning Camunda community experts @Webcyberrob who decided to help out: Selecting 1 out of unknown number

Finally, I wanted to award the Camunda Comrade badge to @VonDerBeck for his tireless work with not only updating and releasing new and improved versions of the Camunda Keycloak community extension, but also for being so ready to help people on the forum who want to better understand how it works :slight_smile: