Common Cockpit for multiple engines


I am planning to use camunda workflow as orchestration between microservices. There will be multiple workflows (Camunda engines) connecting to multiple databases.

Is it possible to have a single Cockpit for all engines, so that I can trace all processes at single dashboard?

Thank you


Hi @karuna,

You can use Cockpit to connect via multiple engines to different data sources, but on one page you can only view the data for one process engine. When multiple engines are present, you can select the switch between them via a dropdown in the header, see



Thanks @thorben for quick reply.
Multiple engines connecting to one data source can be viewed on one cockpit. However if there are engines pointed to multiple databases, then is it possible to view on one cockpit?


Thank you so much !
Is there any example/ configuration/document to help me connect to multiple databases please?


Hi Karuna,

Ive done it on Tomcat. I created a Tomcat JDBC connection pool for each database. For each engine, I configured it to use its respective connection pool…