Cockpit with disabled job executor try to execute Service Task


Hello everyone!
I had a problem with my heterogeneous cluster, where my Camunda-Cockpit Spring boot app tried to execute Java Delegates from the workflow.In about 60% cases can not resolve JavaDelegate in Service after Timer

For now I have added to my workflow user-task, see picture below:

Now where I trigger User-task from Camunda Cockpit, my workflow goes to service-task and in this task, I’ve got a similar error, as it was before

An error happened while submitting the task form : Cannot submit task form 8ec2239d-2eca-11e9-b400-6a25fb318d82: Unknown property used in expression: ${updateRequestStatusDelegate}. Cause: Cannot resolve identifier 'updateRequestStatusDelegate'

Looks like Cockpit tries to execute it(but I disabled job executor for Camunda Cockpit app).

Does someone have any ideas why?


The API call to TaskService.complete() from the user task is probably continuing the process, including as much as it can in that call until it reaches a wait state or a configured asynchronous continuation. I’d mark the user task as asyncAfter to prevent this from happening. Then the API call thread in cockpit will only complete the task and any subsequent work will be picked up from a process engine that has a JobExecutor turned on.