Cockpit sometimes can't fetch topic of service task and move to next user task

Hello, i have two servers each server contain engine , cockpit and some microservices and make load balancer for two servers i create process from URL of load balancer when i in step preview and approve the task an go to next step that is service task some time one of running cockpit fetch topic that called callSchedule that just make a print statement in logs and process pass success to the next user task that called interview result and assign to user successful and some time no one from two cockpit can fetch the topic and move to next user task and i didn’t found the statement that i want to print and process failed to assign the user task to user like that

Hi @Aya_Abdel_Azeem
Can you please upload the BPMN model itself?

NewLicense.bpmn20.xml (57.0 KB)
yes sure

Can you tell me more about the configuration you’re using with your external tasks?
Do you only have run running? Do you have long poling enabled etc.