Cockpit access behind reverse proxy (NGINX)


I am evaluating Camunda and have run into an issue deploying to a server behind an NGINX reverse proxy. I am able to access the rest API in the camunda-engine docker image with http://myproxy.local/camunda-engine/engine-rest, but as soon as I try loading any of the web url’s I get 404’s because instead of loading http://myproxy.local/camunda-engine/camunda it’s redirecting to http://myproxy.local/camunda, which doesn’t exist. My location stanza looks more or less like this:

location /camunda-engine/ {
  proxy_pass https://camunda-engine_cluster/;
  proxy_set_header Host $host;

where https://camunda-engine_cluster is an upstream that defines which server instance to RP for. I’m assuming I have to tweak the tomcat config in the docker image so Camunda knows what the root url is, but I don’t know where to fix that, or if that is even the problem.