CMMN Planning : Do we need case/stage templates



We’ve developed a prototype where it’s now possible to create PlanItems based on Discretionary Items.

But before we go further there is one topic we should discuss.

For business cases that we see the CMMN engine should provide capability to save already planned stage as a template.
While planning, case worker should be able to save partly planned case or stage for reusing later.

In my understanding templates are important part of the Case management methodology. But they are completely ignored in CMMN 1.1 specification.

Please share your thoughts on this and ideas about the best ways to support templates in the CMMN engine.


Hi Sergei,

I have the following thoughts on this:

  1. In general, it is ok to provide functionality on top of what the standard defines. You have that in a lot of places in the process engine, for example suspension of process definitions is not defined in BPMN.
  2. It may be helpful to separate this: First build planning as defined by CMMN 1.1. Then, we have a basis for discussion that everone can relate to. Only then improve it by things like templates.
  3. From what you wrote, I do not fully understand the use case for templates yet. It would be great if you could provide a concrete example, i.e. a CMMN diagram, exact steps what the user doing the planning would do, and exact steps what the user working with the template would do.