CMMN - manually activate tasks in Tasklist?



I’m creating a CMMN model, and have been searching through the TaskList UI for the option to start manually activatable tasks.
Via the API, this works perfectly with a call to CaseService.manuallyStartCaseExecution(), providing the required task Id that I can retrieve via the Cockpit application from the running case instance as the only parameter. The task then becomes ACTIVE and pops up in the tasklist of the user for handling.

But I would assume that the TaskList application would allow someone to manually activate a task as well?(show a list of ENABLED tasks that can be ACTIVEated)
Am I overlooking something?

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This example may give you inspiration…

What I have done in the past is create a task form which behaves a little like a Single Page App. In this form, include navigation panels for available, in progress and completed case tasks. Use some javascript to call the engine’s APIs to get available, in flight and completed tasks. Hence this navigation also enables manual start of available tasks, again by making a javascript API call…




Hi Rob,

Ok - thanks, that was what I had in mind - although I would expect to find this functionality in the default TaskList UI, so no additional coding would be required to allow people to activate enabled tasks.
Maybe in a future release…

For now, I’ll go with the custom GUI solution.



Hi @Webcyberrob,

Your link is broken.
Where can I find the git example?



The example moved, you can now find it here