Change the default web application



is there a way to change the default web application from welcome app to tasklist for example?


Hi @hassank,

what do you mean by “default web application”. The web application that gets shown first after starting the Camunda-Tomcat?



For example if I login I get redirected to /app/welcome , what I want to do is to redirect the logged in user to /app/tasklist



As of my experience, the login screen does not always redirect you to the welcome page. It rather redirects you to the page you tried to visit, while not beeing logged in. That means, if you try to open the Tasklist, and are not logged in, you will see the login screen and after logging in, it will redirect you to the Tasklist.



if you open the root url it will redirect to the welcome app


Hi @hassank,

what is the root url?

If I open http://localhost:8080/camunda, I will get the login to the Tasklist.

Cheers, Ingo


yeh this is the root url. which installation do you use ?


Hi @hassank,

I’m in the Tomcat distribution. 7.11.0-ee.

Cheers, Ingo


Hi @hassank,

maybe it’s a browser issue? camunda-welcome is a seperate webapp deployed on Tomcat.

The index.html page for the camunda webapp redirects to the tasklist:

Hope this helps, Ingo


it works now after i changed index.html. thanks a lot