Change the default task sorting criteria for Task List

Upon launching Camunda Spring Boot starter and navigating to Task List from other Camunda webapps (Welcome, Admin, Cockpit) - the following &sorting is returned by default:


which results in:

Is there a way to change this default &sorting to something similar to the below automatically? I can do that manually within the Task List UI.


Our use case is that we are listening for the process deployment event and aiming to bootstrap the application with all the necessary configuration on launch, e.g. set authorization, create necessary filters, set default sorting, etc.

I suspect that the change probably would have to be done somewhere in camunda-webapp-webjar.jar, which can be modded as described here, but I can’t seem to figure out an elegant way…

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Ended up adding the following to pom.xml in addition to Ragnar’s solution. Hack, but looking on a bright side - I don’t need to fork the camunda-bpm-webapp repo :upside_down_face: