Cawemo, element properties, Modeler roundtrip


Hello folks,

Anyone using Cawemo for collaboration involving both developers and business analysts?

How do you work around Cawemo’s missing element properties tab?

The good thing is that Cawemo won’t change existing properties. They survive the roundtrip just fine. More specifically, this is what I did:

  • New diagram in Cawemo
  • Exported to BPMN xml
  • Opened with Camunda Modeler and added properties to the elements
  • Imported in Cawemo as a new diagram, edited some more
  • Exported, and element properties are still there

But Cawemo won’t let me import an update to an existing diagram. Importing a xml will result in a new diagram.

Also, a user could export a diagram for annotation (with element properties) while another user continues to work on it in Cawemo. Then we’ll end up with conflicting versions and no obvious means to merge them.

Anyone dealing with these scenarios/workflows?

Am I missing something?

Hints or pointers greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading this far! :slight_smile:

Nuba Princigalli


Hi Nuba,

This is Cornelius from the Cawemo team. Perfect timing! We have plans to make the handover between Cawemo and the Camunda modeler smoother and essentially provide a syncing mechanism in Q3/Q4 2018. If you have any valuable feedback how this should ideally work from your perspective, we’d appreciate an email from you:

Best regards