Catch message not correlated on time

Hi guys,
In the workflow attached, we have a problem with the Message Intermediate catch event.
Basically this is the current behaviour:

  • the “Send Message To Component” is an activity that sends a message to an external component via rest api in a java delegate with the following payload
    “payload”: “…”,
    "businessKey: “…”,
    “messageName”: “processInstanceId” // (retrieved in the java delegate with execution.getProcessInstanceId())

  • Message Intermediate catch event “Response received” catches the response.
    This is provided by the camunda message correlate api, so the external component
    call this api with the message name and businessKey found in previously payload.

  • The process instances goes in timeout.
    Seems that when the message arrives, camunda didn’t set the message event listener to catch it, so the message is lost

We are struggling about this, we need an help :slight_smile:

send-to-component.bpmn (8.9 KB)