Can't find error boundary event in camunda modeler

Hello guys,

Can somone tell me where to find the error boundary event in camunda modeler ? I tried to attach a boundary error event to a service task but can’t find it in camunda modeler , the only boundary event i can chose are the following :

Moreover, i don’t know how to attach the boundary event to the service task , the only thing i’m able to do is ‘Append Intermediate/Boundary Event’

What i want to do is that :


Hi @nhafsaoui,

You need to drag a fresh intermediate event right from the symbol panel and drop it onto the boundary of the activity. Being placed there you now can select the error boundary event through the event’s context menu using the wrench button.

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Omg you save me :smiley: i was going crazy xD Thanks !

happy to help :wink:

Don’t want to create another topic for that but i have one more question, now i can attach an intermediate error event to my service task , i added a timer cycle (3 repeating interval each 10sc) :

But i don’t know how to end process after the three interval, i want to do something like this :

I know this is a wrong conception but the idea is to retry n times my service task and if it fails after n times i end the process.

You’re better off not modeling this - Camunda has a built-in retry strategy you should use.
You can do this by tick the async before box, then the retry cycle box will appear you can enter the cycle time there.

When the cycle runs out - it will create an incident that an admin can then deal with.

Check out this post for more details:

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Exactly what i was seeing in your video : . it does the trick thanks you. One last question : My goal is to retry n times a service task and then after the n times i want to end the process or do something else (maybe adding another sequence flow which lead to another task and this will be executed after the n times try ) , how can i do that? Thanks again : )

That idea what already discussed here:

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Exactly what i needed thanks again guys :slight_smile: .

Hi, Can anyone explain with diagram, if the service task calls an API, if it fails with a non 200 response, boundary event needs to catch and show error message back to client after 3 retries. How to do it? please send some examples