Cannot complete task nullpointerexception


I have a requirement.
I have a sub process wich has 3 signal end event. When the object reach one of this 3 end event, it will be out of the sub process.
In my case, I have a user task to change status based on what the process reach.

May the modele will expalin:


At the rest api method, I used this java line:
processCamundaService.completeTask(LEAVE_ID, String.valueOf(id), request.getUser().getId(),

I get this error:

java.lang.NullPointerException: null
at fr.sparkit.sparkys.camunda.service.impl.ProcessCamundaService.completeTask(

What the cause of this error and how can I fixed


It seems that you’re using your own API as a wrapper around Camunda’s API for some reason. So i suggest you take a look at that code to see what Camunda APIs are being called.


thank you for your quick response
I will take a look at it.


I am new with camunda. Can you send me a link ?
There is many information that need to be read it


If you’re new to Camunda you can start by following these tutorial videos. Further reading can be found on the docs pages.