Cannot access cockpit/tasklist/admin after starting Camunda Community


Hi everyone,

I just started using Camunda community edition for university purposes. After starting it with start-camunda.bat I get the starting page but when I try to login to tasklist using demo:demo as suggested I get the following

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thnak you


what is showing up in the log after your start camunda?


Hi Niall, thank you for your reply.

After a bunch of INFO there is the following exception thrown:


I’m uploading the complete log so you can have a better view.

catalina.2019-07-29.log (29.2 KB)


Does anyone know how to solve this?


There could be issues about the fact you’re running it form the desktop.
Move it to a route directory and see if that solves the problem


I downloaded it again and ran it from a different folder and it worked just fine. Thank you for your help.