Cancel Process on Button Click

Hi @all!

I want to create an ordering Process within my company with camunda.

In the Task Create Request I have a Form which has to be fill out to create an request.
But I want to have an option to cancel this task and the process. I’ve created an Boundary Event
an I can set a boolen to cancel the process, but I want to have it by clicking a button within the form.
Is ist possible?


The first thing I can think of is, you can create a button in your form which fires a Message-Event to the process which is used in the process as a Interrupting-Message-Boundry-Event for the User-Task. Something like this:

I don’t know how you build your form, but the camunda tasklist module is extensible, so it is possible to add your button.

I think the best (and easiest) option might be to trigger an escalation event.
this can be done really easily as part of an embedded form, it also have the option of being interrupting or non-interrupting .

This example shows how you can create a button that triggers an escalation event.

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