Can not open localhost8080

I download trial version of camunda enterprise and then unzip it after that I click start_camunda in administrator mode but get the error The system cannot find the file standalone.bat
and also I have java and set Java_Home in user variables
can you help me ?

Can you give more details about what exaclty happens when you try to go to that address?

Thanks for your reply
I just download enterprise version and then unzip and after that run start-camunda in administrator mode and attached error happened

Where exactly did you unzip the distro?
Sometimes if you run it from the desktop it can cause this problem

and also the zip file is here
you can see in the picture

Hi @m.mahdi_rasouli

Can you share the JAVA_HOME variable path that you have set?


Set JAVA_HOME in the System variables and if it doesn’t work again, I propose to use Tomcat release of camunda instead of wildfly.

Unfortunately , set JAVA_HOME in the System variables did not work

Can you upload the log file that gets created. that would give us more of of an idea of what’s going wrong.

Can you help me where is that log file ?