Can i use TMF api on top of camunda api

suppose i am using camunda open source, do i write adapters on top of it using tmf apis and from camunda perspective,

I’m not sure what you mean - what exactly are you trying to achieve?

i want to design workflow for trouble ticket, where we r using TM forum api, so was checking can i use tmf api on top of camunda api.

can i achieve workflow using open source of camunda or hv to take license for enterprise version

No reason you can’t do this on the Open Source version.

after purchasing license ,can i create User roles, priveleges and permissions - sso, which we can we integrate with camunda

what is the cost for buying enterprise version

You can do this in either CE or EE versions

If you want to find out info about Camunda EE you can contact Camunda directly from here:

what is CE & EE version, is it open source

Sorry about that :slight_smile:
CE = Community Edition (Open Source)
EE = Enterprise Edition (Requires License)

how pluggable your user store is (can we integrate to our wso 2 sso)

While i haven’t tried it myself - i know there are number of people who have used WSO2 in their projects. Integration form Camunda’s side is often quite easy.

Thanks Niall

if we need any customisation , then still it will be open source or hv to take license version

In most cases you can use the Open Source version - i would just check the license against what you’re planning on doing. There are some small exceptions.

Hi , I want to post a large Json content from postman to my bpmn task while starting the workflow. this json payload will be used in later part of workflow , so cud u suggest how how n where to store this so it is accessible through out the workflow.

what is the best feature of Camunda to use this kind of requirement.

You can send it in as a variable
Check out the REST API docs for more info on that