Can I use swagger if I deploy Camunda using Spring Boot?

Your youtube tutorials used Swagger by using Camunda Platform Run. On the other hand, I was following that same tutorial for which I used Spring Boot’s own container. When I went to localhost:8080/swaggerui/, I got Whitelabel Error Page.

Can you tell me what do I need to do in order for this to work? Am I missing something?

The swagger UI only comes pre-installed on the Camunda Run distribution. If you want to add it to your spring boot project you would need to do this yourself.

@stefanpg i had success using swagger in a springboot project with camunda. You can see this simple example in my github:

The important parts are the springfox dependencies in build.gradle:

implementation group: 'io.springfox', name: 'springfox-boot-starter', version: '3.0.0'
implementation group: 'io.springfox', name: 'springfox-swagger-ui', version: '3.0.0'

And the config class in wich you configure the packages you want to expose in swagger page:


import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration;
import springfox.documentation.spi.DocumentationType;
import springfox.documentation.spring.web.plugins.Docket;
import springfox.documentation.swagger2.annotations.EnableSwagger2;


public class SwaggerConfig {

    public Docket api() {
        return new Docket(DocumentationType.SWAGGER_2).select()