Can I send a message to another lane (participant) within the same pool?


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Based on this blog article,

I would like to ask if a message can be exchanged between 2 lanes (participants) within the same pool or if I must create a 2nd pool in order to exchange messages in the same process.

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A message event must be sent outside the scope of a pool. If you want to trigger the same process you can use a conditional event or a signal event.


Hi again @Niall.

I would like to ask you sth.

In the following case which way do you consider the most appropriate in order to inform (by sending an automated email with Camunda) User B about the new pending task (“Do Task B”)** ?
Assume that “Do Task B” must be assigned to multiple users.

Additionaly, I would like to ask if a Script Task can be used in cases of user’s automated notification.

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Hey @steftriant
if you execute your process with Camunda, the workflow engine is your pool. Hence the Engine is responsible for assigning the tasks to the users. If you want to send an Email to the users you could attach listeners after your human tasks. So the person, who is assigned for task B will get an Email and the access to Tasklist to complete the task.