Can I expose the web app and the REST api on separate ports?

I’m a little lost in the weeds on what configs to touch. Or even if this is possible.

Not possible … has nothing to do with spring boot or this extension … how would you do st. like this with plain tomcat?

What you can do, is start two containers that are connected to the same DB and have one of them expose the rest api …

Yes, of course you are right, You can’t do that with tomcat and a single web app. And I forget that spring boot does nothing more than embed that.

I’ve become spoiled with node, being able to easily listen to different ports as needed.

I have following understanding problem:

I am using Spring Boot with Camunda.

Spring Boot I am using because as a damn normal Java backend for my application where I can do REST calls to. Camunda I am using to manage the business processes.

So logically the flow would be like: I call a GET or POST method on my backend which is listening on specific IP and port. This method in turn should call the functions of camunda to trigger new tasks/processes etc…

I do not understand right now, how I can have my backend running on specific IP and port and calling camunda web application on different port.

OK, I solved the problem by declaring in


Now my application (Spring Boot) is running on localhost:8081 and camunda webapp is running on http://localhost:8080/