Camwemo Vs Modeler

What is the difference between camunda modeler and cawemo?
Which one should we prefer for bpmn diagrams?

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@Gayathri Both cawemo and modeler can be used for modelling BPMN model. In addition to that cawemo has the features like Collaborative model design:

  • Share projects with all stakeholders
  • Add comments and discuss process diagrams
  • Achieve alignment between Business and IT

You can read more

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What is your use case? They both share the same BPMN modeling experience. The Camunda Modeler is aimed at technical users and process execution, whereas Cawemo is aimed at business users and collaborative process modeling.

Thanks @aravindhrs and @philippfromme
Right now we are analysing different workflow management platforms to pick the right one for our requirement. So I wanted to know what exactly is the difference since they both do the same.

@Gayathri, you can find more differences in this post: