CamundaBpmBusinessKey does not appear in Apache Camel


We send error message through apache camel.

When a IntermediateThrowEvent is in multi instance sub process. We cannot get its bussiness key in apache camel. When I debug I can see all these properties in exchange object for error message of service A, but CamundaBpmBusinessKey does not appear for service B.

“CamelToEndpoint” -> “log://direct:fault?level=INFO&multiline=true&showBody=false&showHeaders=true&showProperties=false”
“CamundaBpmProcessInstanceId” -> “25b0cc2a-bf37-11e8-bf7b-f894c2083478”
“CamelMessageHistory” -> " size = 3"
DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=direct:fault, node=setHeader15]
DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=direct:fault, node=to31]
DefaultMessageHistory[routeId=direct:fault, node=process26]
“CamelCreatedTimestamp” -> “Sun Sep 23 16:47:02 EEST 2018”
“CamundaBpmBusinessKey” -> “1800000000579”

What can be reason for that? Why it appear for service A but not service B ? We also need CamundaBpmBusinessKey inside multi instance process.

Here this is where we try to get its bussines key: