Camunda - Wildfly - Telemetry/Prometheus


I have a quick question regarding Telemetry configuration in Camunda and exporting data to Prometheus for Building Dashboard for BPMN process monitoring.

We are using Wildfly version of Camunda and running them on containers. We have enabled Multitenancy with different process engines pointing different SCHEMA under same Database.

we followed the below mentioned approach in our local machine and now able to see Prometheus in local on localhost:9404/metrics page.

we would like to know how can we export telemetry data to Prometheus for Higher regions like Dev, QC or PROD?

Is there any way to export data from Camunda to Prometheus by calling Rest API?
We heard the data Prometheus exporting happens every 24 hrs. in Camunda? Is this true? If yes then how can we change it to 15 mins?

We really appreciate your help!