Camunda Webapps (Spring-boot stand alone) update .bpmn through Tasklist

We are trying to deploy Camundas webapplications as standalone spring-boot appication and also deploy .bpmn diagram and engine in another stand alone Spring-boot application.

We have managed to deploy them and connect them to a file based H2 database. So now we can do rest-calls to the .bpmn Spring-boot app and submit forms etc and then make it show in the Webapps-tasklist/cockpit.

The problem is that if we try to submit the form through the tasklist, we get an error that it’s trying to look for a javaclass (wich we have implemented in the engine-SB-application but not in the Webapplications-SB-application).
Is there any way to make it so that we can use the web-apps-tools and submit the form from there (without changing that the .bpmn diagram uses java-classes)?
Either through making the webapps update the database, or maybe through REST-calls?

Hi @NoFace,

please watch this video:

It addresses all pitfalls of your setup.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thank you!
We managed to solve it with the help from this video.