Camunda - webapplication


Hi, I am currently working on a POC using camunda BPM. The requirement is
There would be external UI forms and user has to perform a workflow using camunda BPM. That means UI will be separate layer and the business logic / data processing will be done through camunda process engine. I did not find such projects in git, and requesting if somebody can help me out to proveide me some sample codebase or idea how to achieve this. Thanks in advance.


Camunda’s own tasklist works on that principal.
All you need to do is have the front end implement a task REST Call when ever you want to get or complete tasks.


Thanks. Any sample code base which I can direct refer and start. That would be really great help. May be a small workflow is fine for me.


Both UI and Process engine separately.


You can take a look at this blog post it should be helpful.


Checked the blog and got some idea how to approach. Just to check if any complete code base available in GIT. Can some one share the link please


Did the git examples for that blog post not help?


The blog gave some idea about implementation, but the git code base only contains some .js files. No html and java code implementation.


Hi All.

I am doing a POC, where the UI layer will be deployed in one tomcat instance and the execution of tasks / process for a simple workflow will be deployed in embedded camunda Tomcat instance. Can anybody help me how to go for the approach and if any sample code base for a simple workflow execution is available, please share with me so that it would be easy for me to get the knowledge.Thanks