Camunda web UI user/password


Hi, a former colleague integrate Camunda and have it run in our cluster. Unfortunately, he’s no longer with the company, and now I can’t login to the web ui (i.e. :/app/welcome/default/#/login
I tried demo / demo, but it doesn’t work. Is there a way to find out the user/password, or perhaps to reset it? Thanks!


Do you have access to the database that contains the Camunda tables?


Maybe, because I see there is database cred info in the github he created, I can give it a try.
I am totally newbie here, where would be the database (assuming on mysql) located, is it on same machine?
And what should I look for once I have access to it? Thanks!


I found mysql server info on the log. Now I am inside the database, one table that caught my attention is ACT_ID_USER, is that the correct table? If yes, how do I reset the password (it’s SHA)? Or maybe I can add a new user?


Yes, that’s the right table. If the existing users are not important, the easiest way would be deleting all users. The web applications will then ask you to create a new admin user when you access them the next time. That said, I recommend to make a backup before removing any data.



Thanks a lot! It works as you said (it asked to create first user)
I also need to delete the data in table ACT_ID_MEMBERSHIP.