Camunda Virtualization

HI, I am noob in camunda.

I have an application where I stored the data into some database. I need to use camunda as a workflow engine as a virtualized entity from the external source.

I have below question for implementing the databse concept.

  1. How to create the data model/entity in camunda?
  2. How to create the virtualized entity in camunda?
    The configuration to connect to an external SQL Server or Oracle database (and automatically create any necessary components)

a. Creating the entities in Camunda with their attributes to match data at the source.
This could be done through [Data modeling]

b. Defining a System.
Define the information for the system where the external data source is found.

c. Defining a Data Provider.
Specify details for the Data Provider (the connection information to the external data source).

d. Registering the Virtualization class (the component having the implementation)
We need to explicitly define if we will be using a custom implementation.

e. Including Master Entities for the Replication.
Include one by one, each of the Master Entities to be replicated for this connection (Data Provider).

f. Matching attributes in camunda to the sources’ columns.
Map each of the attributes in the virtualized entity to correspond to a column at the source.

g. Using additional configuration options.

Finally, there is the possibility to use additional options for each virtualized entity set, such as: Defining filters for records incoming from the external table, indicating if an attribute (column) of those entities will be disregarded, etc.

Once we have done these configuration steps, we may also run an initial import for these tables or views, so that we can test that the integration was properly set (checkpoint).