Camunda User password creation

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So We have an existing database in our application, now we want to add camunda into it. So we created the camunda related tables into it.
But now the challenge is how to create the users, their passwords.

So Camunda provides APIs to create/update users, but we don’t want it in that way.

We just want to create a script that will create a new user in camunda User table, then create a salt for that user, then encrypt the user password using that salt.

In short instead of API Call we want to create the user details by our self. So can someone please assist us like how
- camunda creates it’s salt, then save it in db.
- then how it encrypt the user password and save it to db.

In most cases there an existing Database of users exists we suggest that you user the LDAP plugin rather than using Camunda’s own tables.

But if you like, there is both a Java and REST api availble to create new users in Camunda’s tables.

You can see an example of how to create users in this project:

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Hi @Niall .
Thanks for quick response.

Actually my application is in python. So I guess none of the above(LDAP Plugin/java inbuilt library) will work.

Now we have to create users in db using our python code, so any suggestion is welcome.

You shouldn’t try to update the database directly.
You can use the rest Api to do. User |

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Ok … Then I should use APIs only.

Thanks @Niall

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