Camunda upgrade sql scripts: no startup lock found



Currently upgrading to Camunda 7.8 from 7.6. I’ve added the sql scripts needed for upgrades between the versions and this works fine. However I got one error when starting up: “No startup lock property found in databse”. (And yes there’s small typo in noStartupLockPropertyFound method.)

As far as I can see the upgrade scripts don’t insert this property. (The create does) I’m not entirely sure when this property was added (which version of Camunda). But I think it should be added to the upgrade scripts aswell.

Is this indeed something that should be included in the upgrade scripts or am I doing something wrong?



When you upgrade the database schema, you must run the patch scripts as well. The startup lock property is included in the script <database>_engine_7.7_patch_7.7.3_to_7.7.4.sql. See the update guide for a detailed description of this procedure.



Thanks! I did indeed not read the update guide thoroughly enough.