Camunda Tasklist Plugin not getting refreshed after new task item is selected

Hi Dear Community!
I have implemented Tasklist plugin tasklist.task.detail

Plugin page content not getting refreshed after clicking on
new task item in tasks-list menu.

Ho can I subscribe to task clicked event in my plugin or maybe I can
refresh content in my plugin somehow else?

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I’m actually more or less facing the same problem. The dirty work around for me was just to change the selected menu item to another item and then switching back to the plugin.

hi @mhoffmann! Do you do your workaround automatically? Or manually?

Manually, so it’s really dirty. But I guess automatically switching the tabs would be even worse, there has to be a better way to achieve this, so I am just curious too :slight_smile:

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I found next solution (hope someone can suggest better alternative):

this is my plugin.js controller, on line 11 I am subscribing to event $locationChangeSuccess because location changing when task menu item is clicked.