Camunda SSO using Keycloak


Hi All,

I have been trying to implement SSO to Camunda Web App with Keycloak using the github repo provided below:

The url shows the Camunda SSO in JBoss server, but I have tried to implement the same with Camunda tomcat version.

I am almost through with the implementation using the instructions provided in the link above. The only issue is that after I login with Keycloak, Camunda throws me its own login page again.

So, I am not sure where and what I am missing. I need your help with this and I have below questions:

  1. Has anyone in this forum tried to implement the SSO using the code provided in the above URL?
  2. I have only enabled the SSO for “camunda” app under webapps. Do I also need to secure the “camunda-invoice”, “camunda-welcome”, “engine-rest” apps as well using Keycloak ?

Please, if anyone who has used the above implementation can help me solve this issue would be really great.

Thank you.


You can take this as reference: Camunda - SSO Keycloak (GitHub)