Camunda Spring Boot Welcome page plugin guide

Hi there,
I was following the tutorial GitHub - NPDeehan/Camunda-Cockpit-Plugin-Tutorial: This project is used to create a plugin that lets you start a process instance from Camunda Cockpit. It does this through the Cockpit Plugin system. This examples is used as part of the Camunda Cockpit Plugin tutorial video. to achieve plugin in cockpit and no problem there. I had to adapt this ofcourse a bit because I am running Camunda version 7.15.0-alpha2 as Spring Boot app.

I was trying to adapt same approach for Welcome page to override section welcome.profile
has 2 files:
export default {
// id for plugin
id: “myDemoPlugin”,
// location where plugin goes
pluginPoint: “welcome.dashboard”,
// what to render, specific objects that you can pass into render function to use
render: (node, { api, processDefinitionId }) => {
// create the actual button with an image inside + hard-wired styling
node.innerHTML = <button class="btn btn-default action-button" style="width: 40px; margin-top: 5px;"><img src="../scripts/corgi.gif" width="20"/></button>;
// onclick function for our button
node.onclick = function() {
console.log(“Saying Hi”);

and config.js, according to the tutorial config.js should wrap customScripts as export default which results in javascript error Unexpected token ‘export’
if I follow the documentation and use it in window.camWelcomeConf then it results in Angular error: Module ‘cam.welcome.custom’ is not available!

I really dont know what am I doing wrong, could anybody help me?